Shipping Charges

As consumers, we get agitated when we purchase products and companies make money on shipping and handling. This is a major turn-off.

At RocketFuel Foods, our shipping charges are based on a straight pass through of costs.

This means, the sum of US Postal Priority Mail and PayPal fees is your cost. Nothing more nada, zilch and zero.


For frequent buyers, we’re offering a year-long shipping program by paying a one time annual $50.00 charge  (billed as $42.05 and $7.95 shipping) so you get $7.95 flat rate shipping for all future purchases. Contact us if you’d like to join this program today.

Each customer who is subscribed to our Shipping Program and places an order that incurs a shipping charge greater then $7.95 will receive a credit from us for the difference as a refund on PayPal after the order is placed.