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Being consumers, we see plenty of cheap products on the market that use marketing and it's "better with chemistry philosophy," to create their products for their targeted audience. They do not care about flavor and quality integrity: They just want to create an image in your mind that's the furthest from reality, hoping that you won't know the difference. Too many products use water as the main ingredient and add chemistry to balance out their formula. This includes the use of powdered produce, chile extracts, coloring, thickening agents (Xanthan Gum) and a multitude of unknown chemical sounding ingredients that would scare any intelligent consumer.   We look at the market with a completely different approach: We believe consumers really care about the quality of the products they use and eat. This is why we manufacture every single product and deliver to the market at a fair price. No slogans, no non-sense and real flavor from all natural real products.

See for your self and try RocketFuel Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Super High Octane, Bhut Sauce, Dead Red, Bhut BBQ, Dead Red BBQ, Rocket Fuel Ghost Powder or our fantastic Non-GMO, Low Salt, No Fructose Corn Syrup and No added Sugar Rocket Fuel Hot Ketchup.


We realized that different people like different levels of heat from their hot sauce and other products. With that in mind, our product heat levels range from low heat – high heat measured on a heat scale noted on every bottle from .5 to 6 Chillies.


Our products do not mask or cover the taste profile of food. Rather, we blend in perfectly and maintain foods taste profile. For this exact reason, Chefs from around the world use our stuff and love us ranging from Fresca – Salsa Verde (.05 heat level) as a hot sauce or marinade, BHUT BBQ (3 heat level) to our latest product RocketFuel Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (6 heat level) for great heat and exceptional flavor.


So, come on in and look around and grab yourself a bottle, jar or several products for your entire family. Then, go cook, marinade, add to your prepared food, use as a finishing sauce or whatever suits your desire.